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My name is Anna Marie Brannon, and I'm delighted that you stopped by the site!

Born in the city, and raised in the country, I have grown up with an appreciation for both diversity and simplicity. Currently I live in Greenville, Illinois, but I love to travel whenever the opportunity arises, and was blessed to call Nicaragua my home for six months.

One of the most stretching times for myself as a photographer were the months I spent in Nicaragua. While there, I walked the streets and pushed myself to engage with people from behind the lens. It was outside of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t stop. Once a little girl saw me and asked, “Why are you taking pictures?” I replied to her in Spanish: “Because the people and the colors here are beautiful." She grinned and said, “Take my picture!” So I did. And so I do.

When I'm not out shooting or at my graphic design job, I prefer to be outdoors. I also enjoy eating ice cream, watching movies with my  siblings, and hanging out with my cat, Kevin.

I love color. I love people. I love story. And I love the power that a camera has to bring these three together. If you enjoy my work, please don't hesitate to get in touch! :)